February 8, 1748

1748 February 8 (Monday).  Bright and Comfortable. Nineteen persons came to get wood for me, viz. Mr. Grow, Harrington with his team, Daniel Forbush, Ebenezer Miller, Samuel, Daniel and Phinehas Hardy, Zebulon Rice, Tim Warrin, Joseph Grout, junior, Samuel Baker and Benjamin Willson, Benjamin Tainter for James Bradish, Martyn Pratt, Robert Dunlop, Jonathan Forbush, Solomon Woods, John Kelly for Beriah Rice, William Pierce.  N.B. We had Mr. Richard Barr’s oxen to go with mine to make up a second Team and they brought up to the Door about 30 loads. N.B. They cut it in Mr. Barr’s swamp. Mr. Phinehas Hardy went to him to know his mind, besides my message to him to come up to me, by my Billy. By both which we had free leave.