January 6, 1747

1747 January 6 (Tuesday).  A.M. Mr. Chamberlin buys my fatting Sow alive.  He offers 18 d per pound when kill’d, or 12 d alive.  She weighed 108 alive and comes to 5£ 8 shillings of which he pays be 4£ old Tenor.  My sons thrash Rye. P.M. I rode out again after Hay. To Eliezer Rice’s, Ensign Rice, Eliezer Bellows, Joseph Knowltons (N.B. his wife ill).  In returning I was in at old Mr. Green’s for Corn. Agree with Joseph that what I have of him I must give 12 shillings per Bushel for. At my House found Timothy Warrin and Eliezer Rice about my Cattle, and I sold ‘em to Neighbour Warrin for 44£ and a Days Work ploughing Stubble in the Spring.  He gave me Bond to be paid September 29 with Interest — but I engag’d that if he would pay me by March 10 there should be no Interest at all. He promis’d also to bring me a Load of Rails from Mr. Harringtons.