January 1, 1747

1747 January 1 (Thursday).  O that I might be made Suitably Sensible of the Flight of my Life.  How soon alas! my Days on Earth will finish! and I shall be here no more! I could not retire (as I much desir’d) to Spend this Day by my Self for I was called in Providence to preach from home.  But the Lord enable me to Consider his infinite Mercy to me, and my unspeakable Obligations to Him therefore! In Special through the Changing Scenes of Last Year.  I rode to Shrewsbury and preach’d the Lecture there, on Ps. 39.4.  A Cold, especially very windy Day, and not many at Meeting.  Return’d at Eve, and being Cold I call’d at Eagers[1] to warm me.  N.B. Many Load of Stores gone and going up for the Forces in the Westward.  Blanketts, Kettles, Arms etc. and yet its Doubtfull whether the Expedition will go on.  At my House Thomas Winchester brings a message from Timothy Warrin (who was with me lately to buy my oxen) that he did not depend on them.  Lieutenant Tainter brought up Six of Mr. Edwards on Religious Affections.

[1]James Eager of the north side of Westborough.