February 18, 1746

1746 February 18 (Tuesday).  I rode over to Mr. Biglo’s to see his Daughter that was Sick; and I proceeded to Mr. Barretts — who (as I before conceiv’d would be) was going down to a Council at Framingham previous to the Ordination of Mr. Matthew Bridge.[1]  I made a Visit to Captain Morris, who return’d with me to his sisters (Mrs. Barretts) with which we din’d.  N.B. Their Sister Barrett’s (Widow) House in an high wind took fire on the Roof — but by the help of the School Boys was Discover’d and Extinguish’d.  I return’d home at Eve, and marry’d Thomas Patrick and Sarah Johnson.  N.B. Neighbour Hardy riding with me inform’d that Mr. James Fay was this Day moving out of Westborough and Mr. Phinehas Hardy was moving in.

[1](Harvard 1741), minister of the church at Framingham, 1746-1775.  Sibley, XI, 8-11.