December 26, 1742

1742 December 26 (Sunday).  A pleasant Day, but I felt feeble and weak; and therefore looked upon the work of the Day with Fear and Concern.  The people met at my House.  I undertook what I might with God’s Help to be able to do.  I pray’d 20 Minutes and preach’d 30, on Ps. 90.1.  At Noon lay down and refresh’d me and din’d also with Some, though deprav’d, Appetite.  P.M. attempted another Exercise and held out 50 minutes in my sermon on the Same Text.  Immediately after lay down and after a while was greatly reviv’d, and had a pleasant Eve, through the wondrous Goodness of God.  Mr. Jenison, from the North Side here in the Evening.  O might we all have due Reflections on our frail and dying State!  Lord make me know etc.!