March 8, 1738

1738 March 8 (Wednesday).  Cold, windy Day.  Visited old Mr. Thomas Forbush.  My Kinsman (accommodated with Mr. Francis Whipples Horse) rode with me to Shrewsbury.  N.B. Mr. Cushing gone to Lancaster.  N.B. A Meeting of the Proprietors of the Houssatunnoc Township No. 3[1] at Captain Daniel Hows.  And on Consideration of my paying 15£ I was admitted into their Society.  N.B. The peculiar Friendliness of those who were Westborough Members, and especially of Mr. James Miller, who in a Singular manner espoused my Cause.  The remaining Right (of the Seven that were to be disposed of) was sold to the highest Bidder for 26 10s.  Late in the night when we got home, and very Cold, but through the Goodness of God we got home Safe and well.

[1]Later the town of Sheffield, Mass.