February 2, 1738

1738 February 2 (Thursday).  I cannot but remember the Wormwood and the Gall of the Funeral Day Two years agoe[1] and Desire my Soul may still be humbled with me.  But God has turned the mourning of the Day (Day Two years agoe) into rejoicing and my sorrow into Gladness.  But O that I may neither forget the Blessing enjoyed in my Dear Molly, nor the holy, Severity of the most high in So Sorely and grievously bereaving me of her!  [Illegible] Storm of Snow.  Clear’d Somewhat when it was towards Evening.

[1]The first Mrs. Parkman died Jan. 29, 1736.

February 9, 1738

1738 February 9 (Thursday).  We rode to Marlborough, our Kinsman in Company, he being accommodated with a Horse by Mr. Aaron Forbush.[1]  Mr. Bliss[2] preach’d to the Young Societys in that Town, from Ps. 119.9.  N.B. Confusion in the Singing by the young man’s reading the Longer meeter in Standish Tune, throughout the Singing.  After Service we went to Dr. Gotts, where we were refresh’d for we did not dine at Captain Williams’s where we call’d before meeting.  Divers of us Spent the Eve at the Colonel’s.  My Spouse and I lodg’d at Dr. Gotts, but my Kinsman with Mr. Bliss.

[1]Son of Deacon Thomas Forbush.

[2]Daniel Bliss (Yale 1732), later the minister at Concord, Mass., 1738-1764.  Dexter, pp. 439-440.

February 10, 1738

1738 February 10 (Friday).  Settled all accompts with Colonel Woods,[1] unto this Day.  Visited Mr. David Goodenow of Westborough under Lameness and Confinement at Marlborough.  Din’d at the Doctors and then rode up home.  Snow’d while we were upon the way.  Town Meeting at Westborough.  N.B. I gave Mr. James Miller a request to be admitted into No. 3 of the Houssatunnocs.  Ensign Maynard brought up divers Things from Boston for me.  N.B. Oysters, Salt Fish, etc.

[1]Benjamin Woods of Marlborough.

February 13, 1738

1738 February 13 (Monday).  Mr. Tainter came and kill’d our Hog.  Weigh’d about 12 score.  N.B. Mr. Tainters Cousen Kendal[1] of Suffield here.  They din’d with us.  N.B. I wrote to Mr. Timothy Woodbridge[2] junior of Simsbury by Mr. Kendall.  Brother Hicks just at night pinch’d up the Barn Floor, and cutt up and Salted my Pork at Evening.  Potter’s Antiquities.

[1]Susanna, daughter of Deacon Simon Tainter, married Thomas Kendall of Suffield, Conn.

[2](Yale 1732), tutor at Yale College at this time and later minister in Hatfield, Mass., 1740-1770.  Dexter, p. 469.

February 19, 1738

1738 February 19 (Sunday).  Mr. Hardy was so kind as to ride over to Upton with me.  A Cold windy Day.  I preach’d on Heb. 13.17.  Was entertain’d at Ensign Jonathan Woods.  Went into Mr. Sadlers[1] after the afternoon service.  Conversation on his wide Difference with Mr. Weld.

[1]Captain John Sadler, one of the first selectmen of Upton.  Upton, Mass., 1735-1935 (Upton, 1936), pp. 11, 14.

February 20, 1738

1738 February 20 (Monday).  I rode down to Mrs. Dorrs at Mendon, and din’d there.  Mr. Dorr acquainted me with the Disquietments at Bellingham and the late Councils there.  Mr. Weld and my Kinsman came to Mendon.  When we return’d from thence we call’d at Mr. Sadlers and at Captain Hazletines.[1]  Late home and Cold.  My wife had a very ill turn, and had been very ill for Two Dayes.  Keeps her Chamber.  Abort,[2] etc., etc.

[1]John Hazeltine, an early resident and prominent citizen of Upton.

[2]Old usage for an untimely birth or miscarriage.

February 28, 1738

1738 February 28 (Tuesday).  My Spouse first got down stairs after her illness.  After Dinner Brother Breck and my Kinsman rode to Marlborough.  I rode as far with them as my visit to old Mr. Forbush led me.  Mr. Forbush in a very low State and not likely to Continue.  At Evening wrote by Neighbour David Maynard, junior, to Brother Samuel Parkman by who I sent the Ballance of Mr. Billings (Taylor at Boston) Accompt, being 9£.