December 27, 1736

1736 December 27 (Monday).  Benjamin How having been to Mr. Cook’s and got the Pump Boxes refitted a Number of Hands came together to help me raise the Pump again and let it down anew into the Well.  Mr. Green our Chief Hand at the Ropes, and Benjamin How at the Pump — but we were so unhappy that just when the Pump was pointed down into the Well, a [Becket?] of one of the Blocks broke and the Pump fell down by the lower Piece, broke a Chain in the Fall (which went to the Bottom) but very happily it did not so jamm against the other Piece as to fasten there.  This mis-hap broke us off for this Day — but my Neighbours appointed to come at 12 the Next Day and raise it out again and try further.  Visited Stephen Fay (who was very ill) at Evening.  Fine morn.  Cold p.m.