December 9, 1736

1736 December 9 (Thursday).  Last night Exceeding Cold — and to Day.  Mr. Byles[1] Lecture on Ps. 42.2.  I dined at Mr. Chauncy’s,[2] as did Mr. Benjamin Gerrish.[3]  Visited Brother Alexander.  At Eve to Cambridge.  N.B. Mrs. Suse and Sister Lydia to Boston to Day notwithstanding the Cold.

[1]Mather Byles (1707-1788), Harvard 1725, minister of Boston’s Hollis Street Church, 1732-1776.  SHG, 7:464-93.

[2]Charles Chauncy (1705-1787), Harvard 1721, minister of Boston’s First Church, 1727-1787.  SHG, 6:439-67.

[3]Benjamin Gerrish (1714-1752), Harvard 1733.  SHG, 9:297-98.