March 12, 1736

1736 March 12 (Friday).  Sister Ruth very bad indeed — casting[1] — Fainting etc.  Brother rode to the Doctor.  I rode to Town for some New supply.  A stormy Raw, Snowy Day.  The Doctor visited and tarried till almost night.  Mrs. Gay and her sister Mrs. Elizabeth Nutting there all Day, and watched also at Night.  Mr. Appleton[2] at about 11 at night.  Sister Exceeding low — Scarce any success visible yet — Her straining to vomit Spends her extreamly, and wears her out; and her extream Pain, from her having nothing to pass through her for Such a very long Space, has brought her very Nigh Deaths Gates.

[1]I.e., vomiting.

[2]Nathaniel Appleton (1693-1784), Harvard 1712, minister of Cambridge, 1717-1784; SHG, 5:599-609.