March 11, 1736

1736 March 11 (Thursday).  Rose Comfortable (Grat. D.).  Mr. Cooper[1] Lecture on Deut. 32.29.  Dined at Brother Alexanders.  At Eve went over the Ferry with one Mr. Bradshaw[2] of Medford, whom I found at Brother William’s.[3]  When I came to Father Champneys I found it a Melancholly Family on Account that our Dear Sister Ruth had continued from Tuesday in great Extremity, vomiting up every Thing almost that could be Administred to her.  She had taken a vomit of Dr. S. Wheat,[4] which though it worked many Times yet had not the Desired Effect to remove her Disorders.  We were all in great Distress, and could hardly comply to go to Bed.

[1]William Cooper (1694-1743), Harvard 1712, minister of Boston’s Brattle Square Church, 1716-1743.  SHG, 5:624-34.

[2]Samuel Bradshaw of Medford, b. Aug. 29, 1700, son of John and Mary Bradshaw (Medford VR, 28).

[3]William Parkman, Ebenezer’s brother

[4]Dr. S. Wheat [Joshua Wheat, Dec. 12, 1736?]