November 24, 1729

Westborough November 24, 1729

A Solemn Covenant was drawn out fair and in all Seriousness (as I was able) sign’d and ratify’d before God. The Form was that in page 2.

1729 December 5. It is a Day of great Darkness and Distress with both me and my Family. My own Weakness and Infirmitys increasing daily upon me and trouble of my heart greatly enlarged by my Disorders mocking the force of all Medical methods with me hitherto. My Wife also, under much Indisposition and trouble with her Breast. The Children likewise afflicted with Cold and very peevish under their uneasineses. But Especially Maro at the Point of Death. The waves and Billows roll and roar out of the Deeps. I would Cry: Lord hear my Voice! Let not the Water floods overflow us, neither let the Deep Swallow us up!