January 5, 1727

1727 January 5 (Thursday).  I went to Lecture and heard Mr. Prince[1] Excellently preach on Prov. 27.1.  I met with my dear friend Mr. Greenwood after his long absence from me and was made acquainted with his Design of Setting up an experimental Course of Mechanical Philosophy.  I hope it will be followed with the Divine Blessing and all his other good Designs succeeded.  Mr. Gee[2] invited us to dine with him.  I spent a part of my Afternoon with a great deal of Delight (there being other very good Friends there) but I was oblig’d to Engage my Self in my Necessary affairs.  It was raining but I was much constrain’d to go as far as Cambridge and I reach’d there.

[1]Reverend Thomas Prince of the Old South Church.

[2]Reverend Joshua Gee of Boston.