January 1, 1727

1727 January 1 (Sunday).  This Morning I preach’d upon [blank] And on the Same text in the Afternoon.  It is very Necessary I should Strengthen my Resolutions and mend my pace in the Christian Course, if I would finish Well.  Alas!  how many Seekers are those who trifle in vain Efforts; when it is our great Duty to Strive to Enter in at the Strait Gate.  A Strait Gate truly is the Gate of Life (and so it ought to be) but do I not prove my Self the Author of many of the Difficulties that add to its Straitness?  O that I might obtain the quickening Grace of God to inspirit me, and make me fervent and Constant to the End of my Life!  but particularly this Year I am now Entering upon that I may have a more Comfortable reflection upon it, and account to give of it, than of the Year past.  And as I beseech the Influence of the Divine spirit and Grace in My Soul, I would likewise the Divine Conduct in the Blessing upon my bodily and secular Affairs, that I may do and Enjoy Nothing but to the honour of God.