April 11, 1765

1765 April 11 (Thursday).  This morning we perceived Mr. Haskills (Black smith) Shop was burnt down.  It broke out about an Hour before Day.  The Lord Sanctify it to them.  I visited poor Mr. Kendal who wastes more and more; as does Brother Forbes.  Prayed with them.  P.M. Catechized young women and delivered an Exercise on the 2d Commandment repeating for the most part from Hints which I had prepared and delivered in public, some years ago.  N.B. 28 Young Women.  We began at Question 51.  And must begin next time at Question 55. After Catechizing I rode down to Mr. Haskills to Sympathize.  Deacon Tainter was with me.  But Mr. Haskill was not at home.  He was in the woods and People were generously getting Timber for him.  Which I greatly rejoice in.  Billy returns from Boston, and perhaps from some other where.  John and Levi Rice bring Slit work and Boards from Forbe’s [sic] Mill.