April 4, 1765

1765 April 4 (Thursday).  Billy hewing — Breck a.m.  P.M. John with Breck cart Timber from Mr. Beetons, and they bring all from thence.  N.B. Mrs. P________ rode with me to Mr. Tainters, where we dine; and there left her, for Mr. Tainter to wait on home at Eve.  I proceeded to visit Ensign Miller and prayed with him.  Then visit at Mr. Bowmans, I. Pratts, Twitchells, Dunlops, Joseph Morse’s, John Balls, [Mark?] Pratts, Deacon Forb. and Kendals, Mr. Kendals being very poor and low.  Prayed with him.  Called at Deacon Bonds and hastened home to meet Mr. Fessenden — but he came not.