May 15, 1756

1756 May 15 (Saturday).  I borrowed Mr. Pratts Horse and rode to Hopkinton but Mr. Barrett was gone to Boston.  I was about to ride to Southborough and went as far as Dr. Wilsons: There I found Mr. Barrett; with whom he returned to his House, But I could not perswade him, though the Sun was Some heighth, to ride to Westborough this Eve.  N.B. my finding Mr. Barrett at Dr. Wilsons was the more to be remarked because if I had not I should not only have had the Difficult Journey, through unknown Roads to me, to Southborough, but when I Should have got there Should have been disappointed, Mr. Stone being gone to Harwich.  Mr. Barret gave me the first Intimations of the Sudden Death of my Eldest Brothers Wife, yesterday Morning.  He also acquainted me with the Death of Mrs. Prentice, wife of Thomas Esq. at Newtown.  I lodged at Mr. Barretts.