March 1, 1751

1751 March 1 (Friday).  Cold Day.  Mr. Fish left us to go to Upton.  Samuel Bumpso came hither in order to his and Ebenezer’s going to Sam’s Swamp to get a Stick of White Pine to make Two Troughs for my new House.  They both went but did not Succeed in Sam’s Swamp; but obtain’d Two in Mr. Bradish’s,[1] which they cutt down and partly hew’d one of them.  [Two words crossed out] by the help of Mr. Daniel Warrin to hew for them.  At Eve Lieutenant Bruce came here and I gave him a note to Lieutenant Tainter for 72£ 10/ old Tenor, which with 27£ 10/ of the like Tenor paid some Time agoe makes 100£ old Tenor in part for Cook Island, which he promises to give me a Deed of upon Demand.

[1]James Bradish.