October 12, 1738

1738 October 12 (Thursday).  Receiv’d Three Barrells of My own Cyder from Mr. How’s Mill, and 4 More of Mr. Whitney[1] which I bought for 11 shillings per Barrell.  Mr. Prentice of Grafton and Mr. Samuel Cook came and din’d with me.  Mr. Cook preach’d on 1 Cor. 6, ult.  Church meeting after Lecture on the Affairs of Mr. Samuel Fay, etc., and Concerning the Fragments after the Lords Supper, and concerning Vessels of the Table and a Baptizing on.  Adjourn’d to this Day sennight.  Ebenezer Maynard brought 2 1/2 Barrells more of my Cyder from Mr. How’s.

[1]Nathaniel Whitney, a selectman of Westborough.