October 9, 1738

1738 October 9 (Monday).  All the officers met together at Ensign Maynards upon the Affair of a Regemental Muster.  Mr. Prentice[1] of Grafton, Mr. Cook,[2] preacher at Marlborough, Dr. Gott, etc., were here.  Town Meeting by adjournment to See what Should be done about a Meeting House.  Dissolv’d.  Divers Neighbours kindly help’d David Baverick (who wrought for me to Day) in Cutting up my Corn and carting it into the Barn.  N.B. Noah How help’d David a.m. in carting in stalks, and Noah and his Brother Daniel[3] carted my Apples to their Mill.  At Night 10 or a Dozen young men and Lads Husk’d part of my Corn.

[1]Reverend Solomon Prentice.

[2]Samuel Cooke (Harvard 1735), later minister of the First Congregational Church of Arlington, Mass.  Sibley, IX, 500-508.

[3]Sons of Parkman’s neighbor, Hezekiah How.