November 12, 1781

1781 November 12 (Monday).  The Town Meeting to consider my Sallery and Wood.  I committ the Matter to God and desire to resign to His sovereign Will!  Breck came from the Meeting and informs me that Capt. Fisher was inveighing against me in a long and bitter Invective charging me with Tyranny in that I would not suffer the people to hear Mr. Sanford — whereas I had only Answered that I hoped they would not impose on me the Hardship of asking a man to preach for me that I had never seen, and heard was Erroneous.  I went to the Meeting House, and endeavoured to reply.  The moderator was Ensign Aaron Warrin who related what the Town had voted, viz. 35 Cord of Wood, but as to Addition to my yearly Sallery (which was another Article in their Warrant) The Town did not grant it.  To which I replyed that I had not asked any addition, but I depended upon their making the 55£ good, as is promised in the Call.  Altercations arose again about Mr. Sanfords preaching but Capt. Maynard asked the Moderator whether that was in the Warrant?  which was a Check, and I took leave.