October 2, 1781

1781 October 2 (Tuesday).  A.M. visited Mr. Daniel Warrin.  At his House were two young women who were Baptists — their Names are Lamb, and are come from Paxton: one of them (Martha) about 16 years old, is in a Languishment.  Several Neighbours kindly offer me a Barrel of Cyder apiece.  I thank God for this Token of His Goodness to me.  P.M. I preached at the private Meeting at Squire Bakers on Gen. 18.19.  All my Family (except John who was gone from home with the [Team?]) attended there.  At Eve Squire read a remarkable Hand-Bill containing fresh and important News of Successes in the south against the British Forces by Sea and Land.  God grant it may prove true and that we may be prepared for a compleat Deliverance!  This Evening a Letter from Elias at Northampton.  His Arm is better, but Still complains of Lameness in it.