December 31, 1780

1780 December 31 (Sunday).  I preached a.m. on Mal. 1.14 the latter part, and p.m. on Eccl. 12.13.  It is deeply to be regretted that those great and Serious Subjects have so slender Effect upon our Minds, Since they do so nearly, so inf’ly [infinitely?  ] concern us!  I have great Reason to be astonished at myself, that I am so far below what I ought to be!  I beseech God most graciously to awaken me to a proportionable Exertion!  At eve Mr. Brigham read Mr. Flavell on Rev. 3.20.  O that I might have a Frame of Spirit suited to the Close of the Year, and that I might have a lively Apprehension of the Close of Life, that I may be found ready for it.