January 1, 1780

1780 January 1 (Saturday).  If I have heretofore had great Cause to bless and praise the Name of God for his Wonderful Mercy and Goodness in my and my Families’ Preservation, What have I now!  to be permitted to begin a New Year.  I would celebrate His Praises, with all Hearty Gratitude.  And in Special in so difficult a Season, of so Much cold and Snow and tedious stirring, I am favoured in divine Providence, with the Necessarys and so many of the Comforts of Life.  But in peculiar for the protracting the Day and Means of Grace, and the blessed Influences of the Holy Spirit.  I would magnifie the Lord and hope in His Salvation.


People are chiefly employed in making Roads, providing for the Fires, taking Care of Cattle, etc.  But the Lord pitty the poor and exposed!