February 4, 1779

1779 February 4 (Thursday).  A SINGING LECTURE at the Request of the Singing School.  Mr. Sumner preached.  His text was Ps. 149.1.  It was conducted thus.  After Dinner (at which besides Mr. Sumner and Col. Job Cushing that came with him, was Mr. Stone of Southborough) when we first went into the Meeting House, An Anthem was sung.  Then Mr. Stone made a short Prayer.  After which I appointed and read Ps. 149, which was Sung without Reading the Lines by the Deacon.  Then Mr. Sumner prayed, after which we sung Ps. 113, Deacon reading as usual, and the Sermon next followed.  Mr. Sumner prayed again and we sung the 5th Hymn without reading, except my first reading over the whole.  In Conclusion of the Exercise, I pronounced the Blessing.  But then Mr. Badcock, the Master began an exercise of Singing — of Anthems and Tunes — which was very grateful, and may God graciously Condescend to accept the Sacrifice!  At eve a number of other Gentlemen here, viz. Dr. Crosby, Master Benj. Stone of Shrewsbury, Masters Brigham (Elijah and Moses) and Fisk.