December 18, 1774

1774 December 18 (Sunday).  Having Sent a Letter to Mr. Whitney to change, I rode to Northborough.  Mr. Whitney did not receive it, but was gone to Worcester, that Mr. Maccarty might go to Brookfield for Mr. Forbes (who is still at Gloucester).  Mr. Edward Brooks of Medford was to preach at Northborough, but he supplyed my Pulpit.  I preached at Northborough on Judg. 10,6,7,9,10,16 a. and p.m.  Lodged at Mr. Whitneys with Mr. Brooks.  His Text here was Ps. 112.4, former part.  N.B. Mr. [Potter?] and his Wife are gone to his Fathers at Roxbury, by the help of Some of his Relations.