January 11, 1773

1773 January 11 (Monday).  I made a Visit to the widow Jemima Miles.  Mr. Sumner accompanied me part of the way.  I called to see deacon Miles and prayed with him.  Dined and prayed with the widow Miles, who is very low.  Her bodily State weak and grievously afflicted, but her mind dark.  I gave here what Counsel I could.  May God bless it to her and to my Self also!  Called at Dr. Crosbys.  N.B. James Maynard [senior?] and Mr. Edm. Rice were there.  N.B. I inveighed against Idleness and Laziness.  I am informed, at my Return home, that Mr. Reed preached yesterday on Phil. 4., p.m. on Joh. 3.7, and this forenoon he has left us to go to Grafton.  By a Letter from Ashburnham Sophy to Hannah, we are certifyed that Sophy has been sick, but is in a Way of Recovery.  To God be Glory!