January 31, 1769

1769 January 31 (Tuesday).  Mr. Steward left us.  N.B. He has read out Kennicott’s two Dissertations, viz. on the Tree of Life; and on the Offerings of Cain and Abel.  I visited Mr. Artemas Bruce’s Wife and Twins and prayed with them.  Din’d there.  Visit the Widow Smith and prayed with her.  Then passed over to Mr. Gershom Brighams — to Mr. Gleasons — Mr. Samuel Fay’s — Edwards Whipples, where I drank Tea — and Mr. Solomon Bakers, with whom I reckoned, and paid for 41 pounds Cheese.  28 pounds at 2/ and 13 at 1/6.  In the Eve, marryed Elisha Forbes to Hannah Flag.