October 8, 1765

1765 October 8 (Tuesday).  Billy returns to Townshend.  Mrs. Ranger and Polly take little Thomme Parkman with them to Brookfield.  A Team of twenty oxen are breaking up my Field nigh Mr. Nurse’s.  Mr. Tainter undertook.  Capt. Wood, Mr. Martin Pratt and Cornelius Biglow junior help — and with them my Thomas Arnold.  They break the Plow and break off 4 Hours, while Biglow who owns the plow goes over to Gashitts to get the Share mended.  Mr. Williams comes here to talk with me about his wife and Hannah Gold, and complains of my abetting them.  Mrs. Beeman dined here — and talks with me about her leaving her son Bruce’s etc. etc.  My wife to Capt. Maynards.  I read Dr. Chauncy on Justification.  My Son John sick and takes Physic of Dr. Hawes.