March 17, 1756

1756 March 17 (Wednesday).  Rode to Marlborough.  Visit Mrs. Brigham who is recovering.  Was at Mr. Henry Barns’s — N.B. her Harpsichord.  At Madam Woods’s (or rather Brighams).  Dined at Mr. Smiths.  Preached his Lecture on Joh. 1.11.  At Coll. Williams at Eve; Capt. Fay accompanyed me home.  N.B. Mr. Jacob Amsden taken sick of a Fever.  I called to see him.  N.B. Betty Bellows dyed about 10 a.m., Aetatis 18.  Extremely Sorrowful in that House and Neighborhood, there being no other Daughter in that Family; and but one or two more Young Women in that Corner of the Town.  It is a Time of Sickness and mortality in the Other part of the Town likewise.  May God fit us for His divine Will!