August 23, 1752

1752 August 23 (Sunday).  By the Morning some Relief.  A portion of Rhubarb also which I took last Night works to Day, and I am easier of pain, but reduc’d to be very weak and faint.  A Melancholly Sabbath!  a Second Disappointment by Dr. Willson, whom I earnestly sent Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin to, last Thursday, and had return by the Same on Friday Eve that he would certainly come unless some Case of Life or Death occurred.  But the people watch’d till it was late, and then some went to the North End etc. and some attended at the Meeting House the Deacons carrying on both a. and p.m.  N.B. they read Dr. Watts on Col. 3.3.[1]  N.B. Mr. Bradish pray’d with me in the Evening, and my Daughter Forbush watches.  It proves a Night of Fever, faintness and frequent waking.

[1][Additional note: “The Hidden Life of a Christian,” Sermon IX, X in Sermons on Various Subjects, Divine and Moral: with a Sacred Hymn Suited to Each Subject (5th ed., 2 vols.; London: Printed for E. Matthews, R. Ford, and R. Hett, 1734), 1:175-225.]