December 10, 1749

1749 December 10 (Sunday).  Mr. Eliezer Rice sent my Horse in the Morning for us to Meeting.  A.M. read the 10th Chapter of Exod. with some Expository remarks, but read p.m. Luke 11, from 14 to 36 without [?].  Preach’d a. and p.m. on 2 Tim. 4.3.4, which I have this Day Seen much more the need of, than while I was composing the Sermons.  My Wife and I din’d at Esq. Bakers.  I am inform’d that Neighbour Stephen Fay,[1] since the forenoon sermon of last Lords Day has been so warm about leaving us and moving to Lambstown, that seat of Disorder and Separation, and principal subject of Discourse at this Time, that he last week went up and brought him a place there.  God grant him Grace to make a good use of the seasonable word he has heard to Day!  And may it be bless’d as a Solemn Warning to us all!

[1]The brother of James Fay, who had already moved to Hardwick.  Stephen became an innkeeper and prominent citizen of Hardwick. He later moved to Bennington and kept the Green Mountain House there.