April 8, 1740

1740 April 8 (Tuesday).  A morning of great Hurry and Engagement.  Mr. James Fay and Eliezer Rice each of them with Two Yoke of Oxen to break up Some Grass Ground on my south side.  But our plough (which I had of the widow Tomlin) soon broke and we were oblig’d to get another, first at Ensign Maynards but Chiefly at Stephen Fays — and his held, but the Ground was so Stoney (notwithstanding all our pains and charge in Digging many of the stones out) that they made but a poor Hand of it.  When we had din’d I rode over to Lancaster to the Association.  N.B. Mr. Livermore rode Two or Three Miles with me.  I got to the Meeting in the middst of the Exercises.  Mr. Loring, Mr. Solomon Prentice, Mr. Stone, Mr. Josiah Swan[1] and Mr. Smith from Marlborough were all that came to Day.

[1]Rev. Josiah Swan (HC 1733), minister of Dunstable, Mass., 1738-1746.  SHG, 9:331-332.