May 31, 1738

1738 May 31 (Wednesday).  We rode to Boston.  Mr. Webb[1] on Isa. 9.6.  We din’d at Brother Parkman’s.  P.M. an Ague utterly indispos’d me for going abroad till the next Day.  So that I was not at the Conventions at Dr. Sewall’s.[2]  Lodg’d at Brother Elias’s.  N.B. Mr. Weld[3] of Upton and Mr. John Hunt[4] (preacher) Supp’d at Brothers.  N.B. Ebenezer Rode with us from Cambridge to Boston, which he had not Seen Since he was a Babe, but he in no wise likes it, because of the Evil Smells etc.  He is under great Infirmitys — weak and Sick and a bad cough.

[1]Reverend John Webb of the New North Church.

[2]Reverend Joseph Sewall of the Old South Church.

[3]Reverend Thomas Weld.

[4](Harvard 1734).  Hunt did some preaching and then settled down in his home town, Watertown, to become a prosperous merchant and Representative to the General Court.  Sibley, IX, 414-418.