April 15, 1736

1736 April 15 (Thursday).  Rainy.  Mr. Solomon Prentice at our Public Lecture, on [blank].  The Church stopped after Lecture — see Church Records.[1]  Though Rainy yet Mr. Prentice would go home.

[1]“The Church Stopped on Account of First the Proposal, respecting a Consociation in the County of Worcester; but it was desired that this matter, so New and so weighty might still lye for more mature Consideration – The Second Affair was contained in a Letter from the Church of Sutton, Setting forth that our Brother Peres Rice had refused to join with them and come under their Watch and Discipline, though dismissed from us, therefor) for some Special Reasons (as he Suggests) which Reasons they pray may be required of him by the Church in Westborough, and sent to them as our satisfaction with them that they may be satisfyed that there [is?] nothing reflecting or reproaching either them Selves or any of their Members, in said Special Reasons.  The Church of Westborough voted, that in Compliance with the Request of Said Letter, a Line should be sent to our said Brother Rice desiring or requiring those Reasons – The Last Article was, the Practice the Pastor had (as occasion required)  gone into of forbidding both parties to approach to Special ordinances when Complaint has been brought by one Brother against another, till the matter can be laid before the Church; which Practice the Church confirmed and settled by their (Silential) vote” (WCR, 40).