November 24, 25, 26, 1726

1726 November 24, 25, 26 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday).  I was very much afflicted with Toothach and an ague in My Face.  Alas how Small a Matter will discompose and Obstruct those, who in the best plight have but just Sufficient powers to perform any Service at all!  N.B. 24.  I married Ebenezer Savage[1] and Mary Hamilton of Rutland, Mr. Parsons,[2] Mr. Burr,[3] and Mr. Cushing being absent.

[1]Given in Westborough Vital Records as Ebenezer Savige and Mary Hambleton, and in Rutland Vital Records as Ebenezer Savage and Mary Hambleton.

[2]Reverend David Parsons (Yale 1705), minister of the First Congregational Church of Leicester, Mass.  Dexter, pp. 36-37.

[3]Reverend Isaac Burr of Worcester.