September 13, 1726

1726 September 13 (Tuesday).  I rose very Early, sometime before Day, and more than 1/4 before sunrise was mounted on my horse and rode to Shrewsbury.  With Mr. Cushing[1] I went to Lancaster where Ministers were Associated.  Severall persons were here besides the members:  Mr. Andrew Gardner,[2] Mr. Cook,[3] Mr. Trowbridge,[4] Mr. Frink,[5] Brintnall,[6] Samuel Willard,[7] etc.  What was of greatest moment that I remember was advice to Mr. McKinstry[8] concerning the Management of his Cause.

[1]Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[2]Formerly the minister at Worcester.

[3]Reverend William Cooke of Wayland.

[4]Reverend Caleb Trowbridge (Harvard 1710) of Groton, Mass.  Sibley, V, 545-546.

[5]Reverend Thomas Frink (Harvard 1722) of Rutland, Mass.  Sibley, VII, 69-75.

[6]Reverend William Brintnall, minister and schoolmaster at Sudbury.

[7](Harvard 1723).  The preacher in the Stony Brook region of Marlborough and later the minister at Biddeford, Maine, 1730-1741.  Sibley, VII, 281-287.

[8]Reverend John McKinstry of Sutton.