April 1, 1726

1726 April 1 (Friday).  William Wilson of Concord, a poor Shiftless man Lodg’d with us Last night, and about the same time Simon Tainter[1] (who had been with me some time agoe) was with Me in a very Heavenly and Devout Time, Conversing of his State and preparations for his admittance into the Communion.  I was upon My Preparations as also the 2nd Day.

[1]Of Westborough.  He was admitted to the church, April 3,1726.  Westborough Church Records.  Simon Tainter, who later became a deacon, and who lived until 1763, was a good friend of Parkman.  Harriette M. Forbes, The Diary of Rev. Ebenezer Parkman (Westborough, 1899), pp. 11-12.