February 6, 1726

1726 February 6 (Sunday).  I preach’d on Heb. 10.25.  In the morning I was put into great confusion and astonishment while Engag’d in the first prayer, to Such a Degree that it was with much difficulty that I proceeded, for I Entered upon the Sacred Employment with trembling and fear from the meditations I had all the morning upon my unworthyness and Sinfullness, my Slothfullness, negligence and unprofitableness in the most Exalted Trust and with Some of the highest Advantages.  And the lively apprehension hereof so fill’d and possess’d my mind in the Holy Exercises that I could Scarce regard anything besides.  I consider it as a righteous Castigation of God for my unfaithfullness to him in the great work to which he has called me, and I would humble myself before him and Implore his pardon through the Blood of Christ, and his grace to quicken and assist me.  Both at noon and at night I Sadly reflected hereupon and offered prayers to God for Reconciliation and mercy.