November 11, 1725

1725 November 11 (Thursday).  Mr. Thatcher[1] preach’d the Publick Lecture.  The Boy having brought Back my Horse, I toward night prepar’d, and understanding, by Sister Lydia, that Mrs. Dorcas Bows[2] (my wife’s Kinswoman) would ride up to Westborough with me, and that Mrs. Dorcas waited for me at Charleston, we went over by Ferry and we overtook her at Neck o’Land.  We proceeded on Horseback with good pace; and Sister alighting at a place whence she Could with much Ease walk to Sister Hicks’.[3]  I returned and took up Mrs. Dorcas and by these means we got up Comfortably.

[1]Reverend Peter Thatcher of Boston.

[2]Mrs. Nicholas (Champney) Bowes, Mrs. Parkman’s cousin.

[3]Mrs. John (Champney) Hicks, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Champney of Cambridge.