January 13, 1778

1778 January 13 (Tuesday).  I rode in my Sleigh to visit Mr. Whitney — and dined there.  He presents me one of his Books, newly come out, on the Independency of America defended, [from?] 1 K. 12.16.[1]  I came home by Mr. Jonathan Bruce’s where I visit and prayed with old Mrs. Beeman: went into Col. Brighams and Supped there.  Mr. Zachariah Hicks and his son going to Boston with a Team sup here.  The singing school increases greatly.

[1]Peter Whitney (1744-1816), American independence vindicated. A sermon delivered September 12, 1776. At a lecture appointed for publishing the Declaration of Independence passed July 4, 1776. By the representatives of the United States of America in general congress assembled. And now printed at the desire of the hearers to whom it is inscribed (Boston: E. Draper, 1777; Evans 15,710).