November 11, 1774

1774 November 11 (Friday).  Mr. Mellen of Chauxit here — informs me that a major part of the Brethren of his Church had voted his Dismission: and that he and the Brethren that abide with him have Sent out for a Council, of 11 Churches, to meet at his House next Tuesday, viz. the Church under the pastoral Care of Rev. Rogers of Littleton, Stone of Southborough, Webster of Salisbury, Tucker of Newbury, Whitney of Northborough, Bridge of Sudbury, Cummins of Billerica, Howard of Boston, Stone of Reading, Johnson of Harvard, Payson of Fitchbourg.  He told me they did not Send for our Church because there was So much Connexion between many of our Church and the people of Bolton.  P.M. Mr. Belknap came to See me.  Sorrowful Avocations increase! Two Companys train at the Meeting House: which though I did not go out, yet occasion interruptions.