April 4, 1774

1774 April 4 (Monday).  Mr. Morse sent for me again, early this morning.  I went over — found Mrs. Morse somewhat composed — and supping Some liquid Breakfast.  By Desire of Mr. Morse I prayed.  Her answer to me before I began was much the same it had always been.  Elias goes with a Team to Mr. Whipples Mill.  Carrys 21 1/2 Bushels first, afterwards Ten more, and two more Still.  Breck assists in filling, loading, emptying etc.  P.M. My Son John left us to go to Mr. Watsons at Oxford to work there.  Mr. Mellen of Chauxit calls here.  Acquaints me with Some of his Brethrens (the major part of their Church’s) proceedings.