March 17, 1770

1770 March 17 (Saturday).  I have been attempting to prepare one Sermon, at least, for the Sabbath — but by reason of various Avocations and interruptions, could not finish it.  Mr. Cushing is returning to Ashburnham.  Gave him Six Dollars to be delivered to Mrs. Winchester of Ashburnham for Six Chairs bought of her for Sarah.  P.M. Mrs. Martha Temple (Wife of Mr. Thomas) came here to complain of Mrs. Martha Warrin for defaming her Husband.  The said Mrs. Warrin here also.  And Mr. Daniel Warrin to assist his Cousen.  But I refused to hear their Contests, the Communion being So near approching, and there having been no preparatory Steps taken, and no room to lay their Matters before the Church: Neither could I be any further disturbed by them and therefore dismissed them all.