August 21, 1768

1768 August 21 (Sunday).  Preached at Marlborough a. and p.m. on Heb. 4.2.  After the Exercises Mr. Cyprian How carryed me in his Family Carriage, to Mr. Ebenezer Hagars to attend the Funeral of a Second Child which has dyed by Fever and Canker.  Prayed and took leave.  Capt. Ephraim Brigham brought me back in his Chaise to Mr. Smiths.  Conversation was upon the great instability of young Candidates who turn to the episcopal party, and the gross imprudence of Laity of New England occasioned by Mr. Willard Wheelers lately returning from England, and preaching at Hopkinton.  I returned home at Eve, as did Mr. Smith to Marlborough.  His Texts were [blank].