September 19, 1758

1758 September 19 (Tuesday).  We rose extreme early, waked by the Officers waiters.  Mr. Smith, Buckminster and I, walked to the Camp before the Day broke: tarryed and saw them Striking their Tents and Marching.  They were Rangers, advanced Guard of Royal Scotts, Royal, [Lascells?], Fraziers, and Webbs Regiments.  Broke fast at Mr. Smiths.  Mr. Humphrey of Poquaog came likewise.  I returned home, and gave my Horse to Thomas and Sarah who rode up the Road to See the Army, as they march to Worcester.  I walked to Mr. Joslins to Catechizing — had a Number of Young Men and Young Women attending — great and Small 35.  At the Request of the more adult, and of the people of the House we sung.  It was part of Ps. 34.11-16.  Rode home on Mr. Joslyns Horse.  Visited Father Bradish going and returning.