September 7, 1758

1758 September 7 (Thursday).  Nathan came, but Alexander so full of pain he can’t help him.  Thomas has Such a Cough, he cant go into the Water.  Disappointed also about the Oxen I had bespoke to get the Hay in with.  It was the more perplexing because I had no great Reason from what Mr. Martyn answered me when I desired him to preach my Lecture to Day to expect him — so that I was obliged to prepare, my Self.  I hastily went up the Street to get Neighbour Adonijah Rice, but he was gone from Home.  I went to Barny Newton who had an Hand with him — but could not perswade him in any wise.  In this extreme hurry and Confusion, the young man (Nathan) whom I had obtained so difficultly last night, now waiting and nobody to work with him, I saw Deacon Tainter at Mr. Beetons Shop, and hearing him say he had been at Grafton yesterday and heard fine preaching there, the thought of our great Difficultys in this place for want of Help to get in our Hay which was suffering, there being so many sick in the Neighbourhood; more especially my own being obliged to let great part of my Grass, and some of the best of my meadow Grass, stand and die; and that I had with much trouble got cutt was in Danger of being lost (the thought of these and many more urgent things pressing upon me), I told the Deacon he should learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy and not sacrifice.  You Mean says he, Mercy to Your Hay, dont you?  I answered Yes — and pass’d down the Road; for I was in a great Haste to find somebody that would go to work.  But not succeeding at Neighbour Newtons, as aforesaid I returned to Beetons shop, and told the Deacon (in Mr. Beetons Hearing) that I would not leave what I had said without adding that I acknowledged he had been so kind and ready to help me, that there was no Man like minded — what I said had this Effect, that he came down after me and pol’d out a Load of my Hay, with Nathan, to the shore.  William Stone came from Lt. Rolfs, and poled, with Nathan, the rest to gather to be stacked: Thomas with the Boys got up the Load which was poled out (having Mr. Zebulon Rice’s Oxen).  When the Deacon came up to my House, Mr. Martyn was come.  The Deacon invited us to dine with him — we mounted our Horses and did accordingly.  Mr. Martyn preached my Lecture on Ps. 73.28, former part.  Thus was I calmed after great Tumult and confusion in my Heart.  May God forgive what was amiss in me, at such a Time of Tryal!