September 1, 1758

1758 September 1 (Friday).  To my Grief I am forced to Spend a great deal of my Time in looking up Hands to work, but Succeed poorly — however, thus far; I obtain a Team of Neighbour Solomon Bakers which Aaron Nurse and John Pratt go with to the Ministerial Meadow and bring one Load from thence, which is all I have there.  N.B. Yesterday I Sent to Mr. Winter, in the Name of my Son Forbush, by the Hand of Barnabas Newton £39.7.0 Old Tenor.

September 2, 1758

1758 September 2 (Saturday).  A.M. Mr. Edwards Whipple came to desire me to visit his Father in Law, Mr. Joseph Green, apprehended to be near his End.  I went, discoursed and prayed with him: and I endeavoured to discharge in Faithfullness my Duty to him.  The Burden of the Song in all his answers was, not so well as I Should do etc.  This, I conceive, was owing to his prevailing Scruples — and his fearing he Should speak falsely, if he Said he wished, desired, hoped, etc.  P.M. I rode to Grafton; first to Mr. Hutchinson, who had writ to me some time agoe, about changing tomorrow.  This he was willing to do, but not to go to [blot] nor at Eve, though there was time enough.  I rode to Esq. Charles Brighams, to pay for my mare: but notwithstanding I took so much Pains, the Squire being engaged in his Hay, would not come to me to receive his money, but said he would come to my House next week.  I returned to Mr. Hutchinsons and lodged there.  Adonijah Rice and Noah Hardy mowe in my Newton Meadow.

September 4, 1758

1758 September 4 (Monday).  Mr. Francis Whipple comes and acquainted me that old Mr. Green dyed on Saturday evening, is to be buryed to day, and that I am desired to attend the Funeral at 3 this afternoon.  Thomas Bond works for me, raking and poling Hay in Newton Meadow.  And my son Thomas also assists p.m.  N.B. Cousen Brigham rode with me to the Burial of Father Green.  Monsieur LeBlanc was there.  One Thing especially was remarkable in Father Green in his Life Time, viz. his most reverent manner of attending divine worship.  I shall always remember his Seriousness and the Solemnity which was evident throughout his whole man.  I wish we might always imitate it.

September 6, 1758

1758 September 6 (Wednesday).  My wife and I rode over to Mr. Martyns — dined there.  I preached his Lecture on Joh. 14.6.  Delivered the two first sermons on that Text.  We returned at Eve.  N.B. There has been no body to Cart my poor Hay from Newton Meadow.  Went to Mr. Nurses at Night to get Nathan Kenny to go tomorrow to pole and Cart it.  An hard Tugg to obtain it.

September 7, 1758

1758 September 7 (Thursday).  Nathan came, but Alexander so full of pain he can’t help him.  Thomas has Such a Cough, he cant go into the Water.  Disappointed also about the Oxen I had bespoke to get the Hay in with.  It was the more perplexing because I had no great Reason from what Mr. Martyn answered me when I desired him to preach my Lecture to Day to expect him — so that I was obliged to prepare, my Self.  I hastily went up the Street to get Neighbour Adonijah Rice, but he was gone from Home.  I went to Barny Newton who had an Hand with him — but could not perswade him in any wise.  In this extreme hurry and Confusion, the young man (Nathan) whom I had obtained so difficultly last night, now waiting and nobody to work with him, I saw Deacon Tainter at Mr. Beetons Shop, and hearing him say he had been at Grafton yesterday and heard fine preaching there, the thought of our great Difficultys in this place for want of Help to get in our Hay which was suffering, there being so many sick in the Neighbourhood; more especially my own being obliged to let great part of my Grass, and some of the best of my meadow Grass, stand and die; and that I had with much trouble got cutt was in Danger of being lost (the thought of these and many more urgent things pressing upon me), I told the Deacon he should learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy and not sacrifice.  You Mean says he, Mercy to Your Hay, dont you?  I answered Yes — and pass’d down the Road; for I was in a great Haste to find somebody that would go to work.  But not succeeding at Neighbour Newtons, as aforesaid I returned to Beetons shop, and told the Deacon (in Mr. Beetons Hearing) that I would not leave what I had said without adding that I acknowledged he had been so kind and ready to help me, that there was no Man like minded — what I said had this Effect, that he came down after me and pol’d out a Load of my Hay, with Nathan, to the shore.  William Stone came from Lt. Rolfs, and poled, with Nathan, the rest to gather to be stacked: Thomas with the Boys got up the Load which was poled out (having Mr. Zebulon Rice’s Oxen).  When the Deacon came up to my House, Mr. Martyn was come.  The Deacon invited us to dine with him — we mounted our Horses and did accordingly.  Mr. Martyn preached my Lecture on Ps. 73.28, former part.  Thus was I calmed after great Tumult and confusion in my Heart.  May God forgive what was amiss in me, at such a Time of Tryal!

September 10, 1758

1758 September 10 (Sunday).  So many and distracting the avocations of the last Week, I could make but one sermon, taking the Pains with it as my Desire and my Custom of writing is.  Nor do I know how to alter it.  Read 2 Chron. 22, Joh. 10.  Preached a.m. on Song 5.1.  Admitted Hannah (wife on Ebenezer) Miller into the Church.  Administered the Lord’s Supper.  The Deacons wives, and Mrs. Hitty Rice (wife of Lt. Eliezer) dined here.  P.M. repeated the last part of sermon on Eph. 3.10.  Read proclamation for Thanksgiving.  N.B. in the forenoon, having forgot Mrs. Millers Relation and the Covenant I took my Hatt, while the Congregation were singing, came home and got them and returned before they had done.  Yet I sat ‘em but 2 staves.  N.B. My Frame of Heart was much too dull and insensible at first, and my preparation too Slighty; yet it Pleased God (as I hope) to quicken me.  Thanks and praise to Him!  Whilst I need to be deeply humbled before Him for my great Defects, which the Lord pardon!

September 14, 1758

1758 September 14 (Thursday).  Day of public Prayer and Thanksgiving on Account of the Reduction of Cape Briton and its Dependencies; and the present Critical State of our publick Affairs relating to the War.  I preached on those words in Ps. 2.11 — rejoice with Trembling.  Was not successfull in any of my Invitations or Endeavours to have Strangers or Widows dine with us.  Mr. Ebenezer Rice, his wife and divers Children ill.

September 15, 1758

1758 September 15 (Friday).  Visit Mr. E. Rice.  N.B. a great Addition to his Trouble is Mr. Thomas Frosts Cattle break in upon the Apples and Rowing.  I went to him, and he promised to take effectual Care of them.  P.M. Coll. Timothy Brigham was here and desires me to go with him to Mr. James Maynards on the Difficult Affair of the Difference between John and his wife but I did not think it wise to go.  He returned at Night here, to me, Supped with me, and gave me Some Account of his Discourse with John: and what he (himself) proposed to do if John did not come to See him.  P.M. Capt. Daniel Barns of Marlborough here in his Journey to Cornet Sherman who has been to the Lake lately (as aforesaid), Capt. Barns having two Sons in the Service.  In the Evening Charles Brigham Esq. here, and I paid him 50£ old Tenor for the Mare I bought of him Feb. 20th and gave him a Note of 26/8 L.M.  which was the remainder.  N.B. I have Striven a great deal to get help in ploughing, mowing, rowing etc. but in Vain.  Went to Mr. Williams’s this Evening to get help there, but in Vain.  So it has pleased the Sovereign God.

September 16, 1758

1758 September 16 (Saturday).  Jejun. and Prec.  I perceived Some Company were come to See us.  But I did not dare to go down to them lest the work of this important Day Should be obstructed.  I afterwards perceived that they were Mrs. My wife’s Kinswomen, the widow Brigham and Miss Betty Gott.  Abel Chase junior here at Evening with a Letter from Mr. Welman etc. desiring a Council.

September 18, 1758

1758 September 18 (Monday).  I Sent by Mr. Ephraim Bruce, to Lt. Rice and to Billy in the army.  Mr. Bruce goes to bring home Jonas Bradish.  I visited the Hows at each House — and other where.  P.M. I went [southward?] to raise a Team to plough the Field behind the Meeting House.  Was at Monsieur LeBlanc’s, and at Joseph Bruce’s.  Towards Eve I rode to Marlborough to See General Amhirst’s Army of 4500 — they had pitched their Tents some Time before I got there; but I went to them and walked among them.  Lodged at Mr. Smith’s, as did Mr. Buckminster.  Likewise two field Officers, viz. Coll. Townshend (Son of L. Viscount Townshend) and Major Richardson.  Heard the Sorrowfull News of the Death of Mr. Porter of Sherbourn and that he is to be buryed to Day.

September 19, 1758

1758 September 19 (Tuesday).  We rose extreme early, waked by the Officers waiters.  Mr. Smith, Buckminster and I, walked to the Camp before the Day broke: tarryed and saw them Striking their Tents and Marching.  They were Rangers, advanced Guard of Royal Scotts, Royal, [Lascells?], Fraziers, and Webbs Regiments.  Broke fast at Mr. Smiths.  Mr. Humphrey of Poquaog came likewise.  I returned home, and gave my Horse to Thomas and Sarah who rode up the Road to See the Army, as they march to Worcester.  I walked to Mr. Joslins to Catechizing — had a Number of Young Men and Young Women attending — great and Small 35.  At the Request of the more adult, and of the people of the House we sung.  It was part of Ps. 34.11-16.  Rode home on Mr. Joslyns Horse.  Visited Father Bradish going and returning.

September 22, 1758

1758 September 22 (Friday).  Mr. Gardner of Stow here, returning from Windham.  P.M. attended the buryal of Mr. Ebenezer Maynards Child, Joel.  Mr. Francis Whipple and his Wife here after the Funeral.  Ensign Harrington having driven up two Heiffers of mine to his son Samuels at New Braintry, in the Spring, now brought ‘em back to me, charging nothing for his Pains in either.  Asked 20/ old tenor for his son.  N.B. Mr. Edwards Whipple brought me two Books, of Edwards on the Doctrine of Original Sin from Mr. Kneeland printer in Boston.

September 28, 1758

1758 September 28 (Thursday).  Mr. Francis Whipple and his wife having Some time ago invited and engaged us to visit poor languishing Silas Knowlton, Son of Mr. Abraham Knowlton, my Wife and I rode there to Day.  Visit Several Familys upon the way — dine at Mr. Knowltons — return at Eve.  Found Mrs. Lydia Mathews, lately Lydia Bowman, here on Examination and lodges with us.