February 9, 1757

1757 February 9 (Wednesday).  Had Mr. Benjamin Tainters Mare to go to Marlborough.  Was at the Widow Grace Barns’s; visit Mrs. Mary Steward at Mr. Peter Bents.  N.B. Mrs. Bulah and Betty Bent promise me their Meadow which joins to mine.  Dined at Mr. Smiths; but he was gone to Sudbury.  Billy and John wait on their Mother in a visit to Mrs. Martyn and return in safety.  Mr. Martyn came there – which I wondered at, because my Wife was at his House.  Mr. Martyn and I went over to see Mrs. Spikeman (who dwells in Dr. Gotts House) news having arrived to her that Capt. Spikeman was killed by the Enemy in a late Encounter, at Lake George or Champlain.  At Eve I returned home and in my way hired 31£ old Tenor of Mr. Ephraim How.  Capt. Baldwin came.  He informs that my Daughter Forbush has had a broken Breast.