November 9, 1756

1756 November 9 (Tuesday).  I catechized at Mr. Joslyn’s.  Had about 20 Children.  N.B. After the Exercise came Mrs. Judith Bellows again but it was much the Same fruitless Talk as it used to be.  The Lord pity her, and grant her the Grace of true Repentance!  N.B. Mr. Jonah Warrin with a Yoke of Oxen, Billy with his Brothers Oxen, and Mr. Nurse’s Plough, ploughed part of my Field behind the Meeting House: but Mr. Warrin tarryed only a.m., the Coulter of the Plough being worn too much, and we could not get it immediately Mended.  Billy having done Some small Jobbs with Ebenezers Oxen, went home with them before Night.